Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

May your celebrations remember the true reason for the season and your New Year be blessed!
From our house to yours...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

7 Hoodies, 6 Playsets, 5 Burp Cloths, 4 Bibs, 3 Stuffed Cows, 2 Blankets, and A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Our lives are currently in a state of organized chaos (perhaps a little bit less organized than usual) and although we are loving it we also understand our limitations.  With small children, full time careers, and the holidays around the corner we realize that we are running out of time.  So in effort to maintain the small remaining portion of sanity we possess we will be unable to accept any more orders for Christmas.  Any new orders placed will be shipped the first week of January.

 We so hope that you understand our hearts in this.  We were stressed to the max last year, something to be expected we're sure, but this year we really want to be able to enjoy our littles.  We wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Time to VOTE!

Alright everyone it is time to get serious...well not really but it is time to vote!  Today's FB poll on RHD's page is the "Best Stock Show Gift Provider" so log in and like Purple Banner Designs!  AHHHH, still SO excited!!!  (Is anyone else starting to notice my addiction exclamation points?  Hmmm, my name is Bethany, and I think I might have a problem.)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When the Best of the Barns nominees were named, Crystal (of the famed Crystal Cattle and I am Angus) and I, were so excited about being nominated that we decided a giveaway was in order! 

The winner will receive their choice of a set of custom note cards...

 Or a lovie/binky blanket.  These are great when traveling because the velcro strap keeps everything where it should be.  Instead of on the floorboards (really hard to get to when driving) or underneath the airplane seat (EWWWW!).

So head on over to Crystal.Cattle or Crystal's new FB page and leave us a comment about your favorite Christmas gift EVER.  I am still trying to figure out what mine is....

And while you are at it make sure you check out the  
and VOTE for Purple Banner Designs, Crystal.Cattle, and I am Angus!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Best of the Barn

AHHHHHH!!  Did you see?  Did you see? 
Purple Banner is up for the first ever Best of the Barn awards in the Best Stock Show Gift Provider! 

That has got to be the coolest thing EVER!  I was out of town at a conference and my sister-in-law texted me the news.  Needless to say I didn't pay much attention after that.  I WAS TOO EXCITED! 

So head on over to and cast your vote!

It's Time to PARTY!!!

My nephew just turned one!  Seeing as he was the reason we launched PBD we had to come up with something extra special to celebrate the occasion!  After thinking and thinking we came up with this...

 Isn't he cute!  I love how his ear tag turned out!  He has cloven hooves and him!

We also thought he needed an "All in the Name" blanket...

The perfect birthday presents don't you think?

The birthday boy and Auntie
  Happy Birthday little man!  We LOVE you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Cards w/Shutterfly

As most of you know, Purple Banner was started after searching in vain to find adorable items featuring show animals. Everywhere we looked there was an abundance of Holsteins and other oddly proportioned animals that just weren’t what we had envisioned. So, we made our own, and now we jump at every opportunity presented to incorporate our love of agriculture into our everyday lives, off the property.

Christmas is right around the corner and one of our favorite things is sending and receiving Christmas cards. We start thinking about the color, design, and PICTURES in, well, if you want to be completely honest…June. Crazy, we know but there is nothing better than checking the mail and finding Christmas cards! The aforementioned cards have actually been known to stay up for months on end. Who doesn’t like looking at them? Husbands don’t count!

We were fully prepared to design our own however, after scoping things out we came to the realization that Shutterfly is now offering “Story” cards. Christmas letters make cards even better and now you can include them! Talk about stoked!

Or, if you are in the giving spirit you can choose a card from Heifer International....

and 10% of the proceeds will go to that organization.

Can't you just imagine these with pictures of your kids and their animals?  In the showring or out in the barn?  My favorite part about this (besides the fact that they are offering bloggers 50 free cards is that YOU get to decide. 

Now if you are like us, you have 100's of pictures to choose from, but this one fits eight...

...and that's just the outside! 

So run on over to Shutterfly and check out which card you are going to be putting in the mail.  They also have fabulous grandparent gifts.  Heaven knows my mom will be wanting another personalized mug seeing as she broke her last one.  And don't you think my desk at school would be a little more cozy with a desk calendar chalked full of my sweet girls faces? 

Our cards are already picked out....but some things have to be kept a secret right?

Monday, November 15, 2010


Like Lauren, Ashley, received one of our shirts as a gift for her new little man.  She decided that he needed something to match and contacted us about a blanket.  We were thrilled because little C is as cute as cute can be! 

I mean look at the boy...

 I am always praying the entire time we wait for a custom print to come in because we have had some rather strange looking fabrics arrive at our doorstep.  And GOD is so good because this print is precious!

Ashley wanted a minky dot on the back and I must admit it was perfect!  Now I am just wondering what we should print next??

Saturday, November 13, 2010


A friend of ours is having Christmas pictures taken and wanted something special, something handmade, something different for her little girl to wear.  So we talked and decided on a blue tutu and a chandelier shirt like the one we did here.  And then we changed our minds.  We are so glad that we did!  We love the way that the crown turned out and the black added into the tutu gave it an "edge" that it was lacking before.

She's going to rock it with leggings and Converse!  We can't wait to see the finished product!

Friday, November 12, 2010

And the Kids Have It

Lauren contacted us about making a blanket for her little girl Morgan.  She had received one of our shirts as a gift and was hoping that we could make something to match it.  

The shirt...

The fabric... 

We put a black mink on the back and I loved how soft and cuddly it was. 

Lauren said that as soon as she received the package Morgan saw the blanket said "Goat!" and took it right away.  That makes me smile every time I think about it.  Life is all about the little things isn't it?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Zane and Traci, from ZNT Cattle, contacted us for some "design help" (her words ;)).  After discussing multiple options they decided on a black zip up hoodie for their daughter N. 

They also wanted their logo incorporated and giving a nod to their own design we etched the letters into the steer and then layered them to create something that would stand out.  We loved the way that it turned out and were THRILLED to hear that they did too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Purple Banner Has Gone INTERNATIONAL!!!

 Kacie contacted us from her home in England...that's right I said ENGLAND about making a few special items for her new baby boy.  She wanted something soft and silky, beautiful but still "boy."  After searching through literally hundreds of fabrics we found one that she loved and got to work. 

She chose a silk charmuese for the front and minky for the back.  I have to admit we were a wee bit nervous but fell in love with the end result. 

 She also wanted a set of burp cloths and although we were given free reign when it came to design we loved the blanket so much that we wanted them to be a compliment.

We can't wait to see pics of the little man!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's My Party

Katie contacted us with a request for a special birthday outfit for little R.  She is turning one and everything she owns is ladybug. After discussing options we decided to stick with the color scheme but not the actual bug. 

We used the reversible tunic due to its wearibility and versatility.  Just imagine it with a pair of leggings and a turtleneck during the winter.  Or by itself for spring and summer!

Side 1
 Side 2

Happy Birthday R!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

All Bagged Up

Jerri contacted me about making a garment bag for her little sister to haul to shows with her.  We then became a bit sidetracked by the polka dot and tractors dress but we eventually knocked it out.  It couldn't be cuter! 

She wanted a brown polka dot with an aqua swirl pig and I must say she has GREAT taste!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's All In the Name

We were recently contacted with a request for something "Very special" for 3 month old twins.  Perhaps something to do with their names (David and Sophia), definitely something blue and something pink, something...unique.   Immediately our minds began racing and after searching to no avail we decided to design our own fabric.

David's was a mixture of blues with a touch of brown. 
 Classic little boy.

Sophia's was filled with pink.  The essence of little girl.

And although we adored the way they turned out we thought that they needed a little something more. 

Personalized teddy bears were in store!
Sophia's name is spelled out on her teddy's feet!

And David's is looking mighty studly in his bow tie!


Sunday, August 29, 2010


I know that this has nothing to do with show animals but we tried out a new technique and LOVE that way it turned out! I teach kindergarten at the academy my older daughter attends and one thing that I adore is how much she and her classmates actually care for each other so when S's birthday rolled around I wanted to make sure we made her something she would be excited about. Well when you ask a five year old what they want you never know what answer you are going to get and she informed me that she wanted to me a ROCKSTAR. HA HA if you knew her you would laugh too! This is she ended up with and when she opened she said "It's what I've always wanted!" Good times I tell you, good times!

Polka Dots and...Tractors?

Jerri contacted me about making something for a brand new baby girl that had everything.  She told me that the little girl's mother had been showered with so many gifts that she wouldn't have to wear the same outfit twice for the first 6 months of her life. 

So obviously she wanted something that would stick out from the rest and after much discussion we decided on a reversible dress that once she grows will still work as a tunic. 

Close up of the tractor...
and flowers...

Pigs On a Blanket

After seeing the steer fabric Christa, from RHD, contacted me about pig fabric.  Of course we were thrilled to try. 

Check out how cute it is!

I wanted you to be able to see how LARGE these blankets are.  That is my five year old holding it up and no she isn't tiny either.  The blanket is just BIG!