Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loving It...Them!

Turquoise Whimsy Steer on Black Hoodie!

Royal Stewart Steer!

Black and Pink Paisley Black Hoodie.
I was disappointed with how this pictured...I totally need to convince my husband I need a new camera!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Treats!!

So the last time I posted I showed you this...
I made this for a dear friend's little girl's first birthday and it fit her to a T when it came to personality.  Since we loved the way that this one came out we thought that we would try it again for Miss K, just play with the colors. 
It was ok...but when I started stitching it I just wasn't that into it.
So I started again from scratch and am glad that I did!
 Because this is what I came up with and I LOVE it!  It may be my new favorite!  It screams birthday and I adore the sparkly sprinkles.  You can be sure that my girls will be sporting these for their birthdays.  Then again who knows maybe we will come up with something else by then. ;)
I must admit though...
I am in the mood for buttercream icing now! 


Just a Little Note...

Our turn around time is usually arond 2 weeks but at Christmas things got, well, CRAZY!  Unfortunately, due to the chaos it took longer than anticipated to get J's order to her and we wanted to make it up to her. 

So we made her these... 

To match these...

We loved the way that they turned out and so did she!