Friday, February 25, 2011


Brandi contacted us after seeing our classic calf over at Crystal Cattle.  She was looking for the perfect gift for her boyfriend's niece and was hoping we could make one that looked like Reba. 
So she sent us some pics of the gal herself...

 and after a HORRID first try we ended up with the cutest thing I had ever seen. 
See for yourself!

The little bit LOVES her to pieces and sleeps with her every night. 
It's things like that that make the long nights and the itchy eyes SO worth it!


  1. She is the absolutely cutest thing ever! Great job.

  2. I LOVE Reba!! Oh now I want one for my son...

  3. I have been looking for a Brahama stuffed animal for my daughter, do you have any or can you make one?

  4. We have not made one yet but would be willing to try. The grey is a tough match so we might be better off with a red. Email us at and we can talk some more. This sounds fun can't wait to hear from you!