Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ZNT Christmas

Traci, from ZNT cattle, contacted us about making their Christmas extra special.  We had already made a hoodie for her daughter Natalie so we knew that whatever we ended up doing would be a blast!

Natalie's teacher is expecting her first baby this spring and she wanted something unique for her gift.  We discussing nursery colors and themes we ended up with this....

We loved the fabric combination but just couldn't shake the feeling that it was missing something.  After walking around it hundreds of times it dawned on us to add the star.  Simply LOVE.

Her next request was a bit more adventurous.  Traci's mom owns Gothberg Farms and she was hoping to find a gift that would allow her to display her artisan cheeses at chef shows and farmers markets.  We came up with a runner that incoporated her logo and could work in either setting. 

We tried a couple of new techniques and were SO happy with the results. 

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