Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Cards w/Shutterfly

As most of you know, Purple Banner was started after searching in vain to find adorable items featuring show animals. Everywhere we looked there was an abundance of Holsteins and other oddly proportioned animals that just weren’t what we had envisioned. So, we made our own, and now we jump at every opportunity presented to incorporate our love of agriculture into our everyday lives, off the property.

Christmas is right around the corner and one of our favorite things is sending and receiving Christmas cards. We start thinking about the color, design, and PICTURES in, well, if you want to be completely honest…June. Crazy, we know but there is nothing better than checking the mail and finding Christmas cards! The aforementioned cards have actually been known to stay up for months on end. Who doesn’t like looking at them? Husbands don’t count!

We were fully prepared to design our own however, after scoping things out we came to the realization that Shutterfly is now offering “Story” cards. Christmas letters make cards even better and now you can include them! Talk about stoked!

Or, if you are in the giving spirit you can choose a card from Heifer International....

and 10% of the proceeds will go to that organization.

Can't you just imagine these with pictures of your kids and their animals?  In the showring or out in the barn?  My favorite part about this (besides the fact that they are offering bloggers 50 free cards  http://bit.ly/sfly2010) is that YOU get to decide. 

Now if you are like us, you have 100's of pictures to choose from, but this one fits eight...

...and that's just the outside! 

So run on over to Shutterfly and check out which card you are going to be putting in the mail.  They also have fabulous grandparent gifts.  Heaven knows my mom will be wanting another personalized mug seeing as she broke her last one.  And don't you think my desk at school would be a little more cozy with a desk calendar chalked full of my sweet girls faces? 

Our cards are already picked out....but some things have to be kept a secret right?

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