Thursday, June 24, 2010

She's Done it Again!!

As we prepared to roll out the new Purple Banner Fabric I started recieving emails from Ms. Linnette about what the new product was. And although she loved the fabric, her little girl is far beyond the swaddling age so she was hoping for something a whole lot different. After dozens of emails back and forth, and a few late nights we came up with these...

We all know that show clothes have a habit of becoming dirty even before you put them on so she was hoping for something cute and fun to keep them clean.

We even added a little bling!!

I think we accomplished both...

And of course every show lovin' momma needs a bag to carry all of her essentials in, so for Linnette we did this...

Thanks so much for letting us work with you again!  It's a blast every time!


  1. I've been a huge fan of your blog for a while. I saw it on the RHD blog and have been addicted ever since. I LOVE the garment bag. How much would you charge for the bag, but with a show pig instead of a steer? Thanks!

  2. Wow, these bags are awesome. Is that a cloth bag? Great job!

  3. Hey! We are so glad you ladies like them! The bags are fully lined and actually made out of a really heavy canvas which is nice because they resist tears. Thanks for checking them out!

  4. Your items are adorable, I am glad you finally commented over at Bug & Bean so i could come check them out!

    I just wanted to thank you for your advice. It TRULY helped. I was able to order with confidence last night. I ordered 4 dresses {her fav thing to wear}, two polos from the uniform store. And I ended up ordering the basics from Old Navy 4 peter pan collared shirts, 2 pairs of navy shorts and 2 pairs of navy pants {my Hubby and I both agreed with you on the Khaki!}

    So thank you so much, BIG relief to have that done!

  5. I have been wanting one of these garment bags forever for the kids show clothes! Where do I order and how much!
    Please emmil me at