Monday, March 14, 2011

PBD on Etsy?

We have been thinking about this for awhile now but thought it would be best to receive your input before making the leap. 

There are obvious upsides to the move, we would place ready to ship items in the shop making the whole process much easier for the majority of our customers.  This would also enable all of you to put a shipping address in at the time of the order thus ensuring that you no longer receive frantic emails while we are standing in line at the PO because we somehow spaced on that itty bitty MAJOR detail.  We would still take custom orders allowing those of you who enjoy the creative process the freedom to be involved at whatever level you desire, we would just create a custom listing for you and your items would ship within 7 business days.  Likewise, the blog would remain up and running with pics of new products and our latest creations. 

So what do you think?  We really would appreciate your thoughts on this matter so please take the time to vote in the poll on the right column or leave a comment letting us know how you feel!  Thanks so much for dealing with the craziness called us ;)

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