Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holly Blue Belle


Jennnifer, over at contacted us about making a Stockyard Friend that looked like her son's show heifer Miss Holly Blue Belle.  Of course we said yes not thinking of the implications. ;)  You see Miss Holly is a blue roan which when one truly thinks about is is not the easiest thing to reproduce.  She rounded up some pics and we started brainstorming.

Two calves, black hands and tons of white fuzz later we finally accomplished what we were starting to think was impossible!  Check her out! 

This picture made all of the work worth it! 
He's little man approved...nothing can beat that!


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING - she is absolutly perfect! We can't thank you enough for all your hard work! She is one really loved heifer!

    Where is the pic of your black hands!!!!!

  2. Hey also linked your blog to my blogs Facebook page, our farms facebook page and my page!/profile.php?id=1093372483!

    Can't wait to think of something else I can order from you!!!!!