Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Tale of a Kenzie not a Kinzie

Mackenzie contacted us in hopes that we might be able to make
some of her birthday presents and of course we were thrilled to help out. 
She was a joy to work with and knew exactly what wanted so we got right to it. 
Her garment bag turned out FABULOUS and then we found out that her name was spelled with an E not an I.  Thankfully with a bit of work we were able to switch it around but we never snapped another pic. 

Bright Polka Steer on a Brown Pull-Over Hoodie

Turquoise Whimsy Steer on a Black Pull Over Hoodie

Her last request was a little bit harder but oh so fun! 
She sent us a pic of her first calf and asked us to make a Stockyard Friend that looked just like him.

I think we succeeded!

We loved him and so did she!

What an awesome way to remember your first calf or that big win! 
 I can see a few of these in our little's futures!

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